Saturday, June 27, 2015

I made it to the MTC!

Hey, I'm doing great and all is well I rolled into Ghana last night around 11:30 and then just went to bed and I was exhausted. before we were getting in the taxi to go to the MTC the taxi driver and other guys who helped me and some sisters with our bags ended up smuggling some money out of me saying I needed to pay a tip when really I didn't... I thought they were my friends but they will do anything to get an extra buck (they took 20 but I got 10 back luckily). I'm blessed to have learned that lesson and to not trust so quickly.

Met great people on the plane but my companion is great, Elder Fotu he is from Tonga and a solid guy. Every meal here is like a Half a loaf of bread, small oranges and an egg with some hot chocolate sort of drink. My typing and spelling isn't that great but we don't get much time, I will send pictures soon or when I get the chance. 

They weren't kidding you sweat 24/7 here! It doesn't matter where you are you are sweating constantly because it is so hot here. And super humid. Ghana is not anything like what you think, you will see and hear over time what I mean. The people are loving and easy to love but when they are trying to get somewhere or waiting in line for something. They don't wait, they will do whatever it takes to get to the front of the line or to be first. I would say they are very patient/ Impatient people. You have to be patient with them because they are so impatient so i am learning slowly but getting the hang of it. 

 Also tell all the mothers that over packing their kids is great but everyone looks at us as the rich rich white kid. They accept me and all love me so that is good but things are going good and its starting to settle in more and more but there is lot to learn.

Gotta go there is a line for the computer.  love all of you lots this is for the family I love you guy’s lots don't worry about me I'm doing wonderful and strong. 

love you lots!

Elder Hill

Elder Hill and Elder Fotu at the MTC in Ghana

Luggage from new missionaries only ONE American.

Can you spot Elder Hill???  This is everyone in the MTC both French speaking and English.

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