Thursday, June 25, 2015

Saying Goodbye!

Saying goodbye is NEVER easy. I knew this day would come and I knew he would go in June from the time he was about 12. Everything happened in June, Scout Camp, Timberline Leadership camp, EFY it was normal to see him very little in June. I remember telling my mom he will go in June and it will feel normal but July will be hard.

Truth is it was a mix of emotions,it was fun, it was sad. It was moments of looking at him thinking how do I let him go. How do I trust the Lord with this young man I love so dearly. But then I was reminded that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to send him to me so I could prepare him for this very moment.

I knew that Jayson was going to a place that was different and hard and the last thing he needed was a mother crying her eyes out. Jayson has always been strong, and this time it was up to me to be strong.

Jayson got set apart and that was a great experience, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor were there with Brandon and Ryan Taylor and Scott and Kris and Carter Moffitt. President Robinson gave a beautiful setting apart. It was a evening I will never forget.

 We stayed up late talking and finishing packing and then I laid on the bean bag and just watched him sleep. So many wonderful memories came to my mind.

We got up early had breakfast and then had a family prayer together for the last time.It was emotional for Justin and Kailee as well as Travis and I. I asked Jayson to to give me a Priesthood blessing of Comfort. What an amazing experience that moment was one I will never forget. We headed to the airport the drive seemed long. I was praying the whole time. This was Jayson's first time flying and he was going alone. No other missionaries would be meeting up with him.

A tender mercy as we were saying our goodbyes at the airport I noticed a man and his wife in line. They stepped out of line and approached us and said Young man where are you headed. Jayson said I am going to the Ghana Kumasi Mission. They asked what his travel plans were and he told them that he was going to SLC, then to Amsterdam and then on to Accra,Ghana. The sweet lady said "that is our flight plan also". I hugged her and told her thank you. She said they would make sure he got on is flights and would watch after him. I cant tell you how much that meant to me.

Carter, Scott, Austin and Sam came and then Grandma and Grandpa Taylor and Uncle Ryan. Saying goodbye broke my heart watching Justin say good bye was the hardest part. I was watching Jayson thinking I am not ready to say goodbye. Next thing I know I am hugging him and he says " Mom I love you I don't know if I can do this".
I whispered in his ear " Jayson you have got this you can do this it's just a scout a MAJOR scout camp. He said" ya your right I got this". We hugged which seemed like forever and not long enough at the same time. We smiled and he was off we went upstairs and watched as he boarded the plane. Justin was in tears and that made it hard on me to see the little kids so sad. I smiled and waved as he stopped to wave one last time and then my heart just ached.

I know he is doing the right thing and I know he is supposed to go to Ghana. I will be his biggest fan as e plays for the Lords team.  I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!

Jayson called from the SLC airport from the sweet ladies phone he said they were waiting for him when he got off and that they bought him lunch at Cafe Rio and gave him a $2.00 bill. I could hear her say tell your mom we will make sure you are on the flight to Accra and all will be well. We said goodbye and he was gone. I found my self not really crying not really sad. Honestly I was to busy keeping my other 3 kids busy or they would start crying.

I stayed up most the night watching his flights and waiting for word if he made it. When I did not hear and should have I emailed the MTC and found out the poor kid was so tired he forgot to hit send on the message letting us know he made it.

Last picture before heading to the airport
The sweet Couple that was my Tender Mercy

Jaysons flight plans


Mason is trying to facetime Jayson after he left he did this for a week everyday several times. then he would get on his pretend phone and call Jayson's best friend Carter and tell him that Jayson was not answering and so he needed him to go get him and bring him home!!!

Saying good bye to your BIG brother is NOT EASY!!

Saying goodbye to dad

Not sure what it really means. Mason thinks he will be home in a few days.

Kailee and Jayson

Ready or not here he goes.


NOT ready to let him go. Whispers that HE CAN DO HARD THINGS AND HE HAD THIS!!

He is off headed to Ghana

Carter, Elder Hill and Austin

Mason watching the plane. Justin's sweet spirit had a hard time letting his big brother go.

Waving good bye one last time!!

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