Monday, January 25, 2016

Nothing worth working for is easy!

Well this week went fast but was not easy... I'm tired... Mission.... you will be tired for 2 years and I continue to find strength only when I look to the lord and lose myself in the work... Lately we have been working hard just trying to give it my all.... This Saturday we went on exchanges, switching companions. The day was somehow difficult with a stubborn African but funny guy, doesn't like to walk so I figured since he came to my area it be a perfect time to contact. ha-ha but I saw the hand of the lord really take lead in the work/day.... 
In the evening before sun went down we were heading to go see a Recent convert, Gabriel who was just baptized. I had this feeling to take the long way to his house... Finally, after walking for some time we came to the main road... And just nearby there was a shop and the impression came I should buy drinks for Elder Nauru and the member that was with us and just take a small break. We took a seat at her shop when a man came up to us and wanted to hear what we had to share.... Sharing the message half way through the lady made us move and get off the bench.... we taught most the lesson standing and this guy was so interested.... He understood well and after the lesson it was just silent.... He spoke and said " Just 2 days ago I prayed for god to show me the truth and I have now found it".... spirit was so strong and he had just left his bible studies church and he knows his stuff and he understood so clearly he couldn't deny the truth.... 
Sunday church started and I didn't see him.... I was giving a closing talk and while talking he walked in.... This talk was the first talk I feel these people actually understood my English... They were quiet and the talk I gave was nothing I had prepared. I planned to teach on missionary work and it turned into teaching how to be converted to the gospel... After some told me I looked like an apostle up there. Was a cool feeling to see the spirit guide and bring words to my mind. He testified to me while testifying to them all...  After church I received a text from David and he said "thank you Hill for helping my find the truth".... this man is powerful!
The lord works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason! 
I'm so excited for this Wednesday! We have an investigator "Lex" who is making us some powerful fugue with his favorite meat, Bush meat... Porcupine.... Grass cutter (giant rate) .... antelope.... Who knows but I'm excited to try something new.... Never could eat anything like this before but I've learned if it can go in your mouth you can eat it. ha-ha Sounds gross but it is what it is... Trust me it’s somehow nice to know you get something different when you eat rice, bonk, indamine, fufu... it gets old... so something new will be an adventure all on its own!! 
Every day without fail we get lied too.... It’s so hard to trust anyone and I have been working so hard to always just give people a chance.... But it’s so hard when you knock on the door and they so who is it... and every time we tell them...... 99% of the time they will say " oniho".... means no one’s home.... It’s hard and very easy to get discouraged in seconds... Whenever we try to buy anything.... The price is always raised because were white. Mission has really taught me how to hold my ground but I continue to try to be like my savior and show that charity for everyone.  I love these people. 
Not much exciting this week... Just working hard.... You can’t start a new chapter of your life if you just keep re-reading the last one-.  I want to leave my old ways here.... I still continue to see how prideful I am and who I was but the man I have already become and the person I’m starting be.... I love this gospel this is Jesus Christ church without a doubt.... I have seen and felt it and I am a witness that this thing is true and you can’t deny what you know to be right!!
Thank you for the support if you ever have any questions just shoot me an email... thank you for the support and prayers they keep me going!! love you all and I'm doing great and growing in so many ways I wouldn't be able to without the lord. 

 Be thankful for what you have! Life is good so smile and keep moving forward!! love you all!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Spirit directs, leads, teaches, and guides …. If we Let it.

This week was the most I have noticed and felt the spirit so often in my life.

It all starts with taking all the small rules and commandments and to just start following them and having that exact obedience.... as you do that the blessings come and progress shows... I feel impressed to share a few experiences I had this week where the spirit was so clear, there is no doubt. 
Earlier this last week we met with a man named Emmanuel who had stopped us asking us about god.... He is Methodist... If you know anything about their beliefs, they believe Jesus was just a prophet but is the son of god. but thinks if Adam was created by god’s hands and so was Jesus.... how are they different? that Jesus, god, and holy spirit are one. SO it makes it a little rough. not. The scriptures are all teaching about Jesus Christ... Long story short as we showed him scripture taught him... it wasn't enough... no matter the scripture he won’t believe. with his first concern on Jesus Christ I turned to John 5:21-24....He just went silent. IF he doesn't honor the son for the reason he came here. Then he doesn't truly believe in god... He just kind of went silent. as we both testified of Jesus Christ then there was a long pause of silence... he didn't know what to say and as I testified of Jesus Christ and that he is more than just a prophet, a pastor, a teacher, a king, Bu that he is our savior .... I can’t deny That I know he lives... In that very moment I felt not only me testify to him but the spirit testified to me that what I was saying was true. and I know he felt the same thing.... Our savior lives. He is the Christ and anointed one. He did atone for you and me ... If we can’t Honor what he did for us... we don't honor the father ...

Right after this lesson we met with the Pentecostal pastor that is like a prophet....
His name is brother Eric and he believes all the churches that teach of Christ are all Jesus church.... He has scripture to back up his point somehow... but we proved to him and he said it himself that Jesus only established one church not 2 or 3 or 10 but one church. HE knows he isn't a prophet because he didn't even know the authority he was given to be prophet but knows what he is doing is wrong! but sitting in the lesson he still believes the same old things and can’t let go of his money and pride.... We had to drop him and find someone who is waiting for the gospel and won’t take it for granted... As we left Eric's house I felt sorrow .... I felt that sorrow that we hear many people have in the scriptures... Godly sorrow. probably not to that extent.... but I felt it. My heart ached as we walked away and me thinking I'm strong... no turns out I'm soft... As I felt tears coming because at this very moment I felt I truly do love these people.... Eric know the truth but can’t let go of all those worldly things.... He was so close to taking the most important step in his life {baptism for the remission of sins} ...... Walking away my heart felt as if I was just dumped by a girlfriend that was with me for 6 years... It hurt... and I could feel I do love that guy and all these people... I saw exactly why I was here in that moment... As we walked I said a prayer ... Not even seconds after... walking down this alley the clouds up above was covering the sun and the sun started to peak... (I took a picture) At that moment... I felt comfort and joy and could just feel my heavenly father saying..." You have done well my son".... I know he heard me and that he will take care of Eric ... it’s just not his time.

I had an amazing week and many other experiences just like these 2 I shared. As we testify of what we know and we are always example... people will notice you.... Most of all your heavenly father will notice you. it’s not always about the fame, the title, the glory, the money, and etc... but what matters most is that your father and heaven knows.... Always do what you know to be right and he will bless us as we do what he says.... HE has given us the promise that he will bless us but when we do not what he says his words " we have no promise"... 
This is Jesus Christ church... he is aware of us all and is waiting for You!!! he is waiting for you to turn to him and watch and wait and see what he does... see if he answers. test him... but you never know until you try. If we have faith, he will be there... 
Love you all and praying for you!! Thanks for all the support!! love you guys!!!!!!
Keep moving forward and smile

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hard work= Success

What a week! This week was nothing but hard work and blessings.... I'm not even sure where to begin...
Well beginning of the week we went on splits with the other elders and me and Elder Annan (African) laid it down for a pastor in the Church of Pentecost...... He believes that ever church that teaches of God and Jesus Christ church is Jesus Christ church... We showed him everything to the point he didn't know what to say .... So only time will tell... One thing I've learned is were not here to confound people or to prove to them anything... but only to show them... To testify of what they Knew to be true whether it’s in this life or the life before this one... So for me I can show these people scriptures and prove them wrong sure. out of their own bible but it won’t fix anything... We must testify as we teach and teach as we testify.... Our testimony is what makes us so unique....

The other day we were walking back from a far area at a member’s house and I felt we needed to take a different path then normal. A path we hadn't been on before but as we walked through an area that we were somehow un familiar with.... People would call us over and want to know more or ask questions.... Even one man in front of us walking hear me and my companion talking about god and stopped us...  He said " God is a spirit? No man has ever seen God?".... I said " I don't believe that to be true and started naming people that have seen god face to face"... he was astonished.... if man has seen God is it a spirit? there is so much to prove we have a god that has a body of flesh of bone... He is Methodist... but just things like this... In 30 mins we had contacted 6 people.... now ready to learn.  I feel everything does happen for a reason and we were in the right place at the right time!! god does provide and is watching over us. I didn't know why I needed to go down that pathway but I do know when we take that step of faith he always provides... we can’t always see the end of the road but he [Heavenly Father] can. 
Even this Sunday we had 12 people come to church.... now normally and for other missionaries it’s hard to even get 2 or 3 there.... but after taking some advice from a wise family member.... We always show the investigator and the people that we are Excited for them to come... Ever since I have showed that I'm excited for them to come and really do want them there. without faith every time we have had 5+ for the past month come. This area started from nothing.... now this area is progressing and success is showing. We plan to have 6 more new members by the end of this month. I have no one else to thank for that but my heavenly father. 
As we look to him... he is there and will always provide... When we do what he says we are blessed but when we don't do what he says. we have no promise. Was such a cool week....

Last experience. as we got in the Tro (the bus) from finally finishing our last lesson of the day and heading to a meeting at the church ... And this day we had a small lunch we were so busy... a man came running across the street... and got in the Trod just to talk to us. He said " hey I'm a Mormon".... this guy looked like some huge professional athlete... and he said "I'm from States Illinois... “I doubted him because I hear that same line from everyone... Everyone always tells me they are a latter day saint... and just make fun of them... And at first I didn't believe this guy’s so I asked him... who is the name of the prophet. instead of telling me first he showed me his phone and he had the LDS apps and he said Monson...... Way cool guy... just visiting.... But instead of just having faith and trusting.... I doubted. I felt bad... and repented. but I need to trust people and give them a chance... but once they break the trust that’s when we should question them...
No doubt it can be hard here ... Africa living is far from easy...  I get tired of being lied to straight to my face... laughed at.... rejected and so on... It’s hard. mission is so dang hard it’s not even funny but it is so dang rewarding. especially this week.... yeah its super hard and you have to sacrifice but there is always something good in the end. I really do love these people. even to see a few people we have been teaching and know it’s true but go against it.... it hurts... like literally hurts.... It’s true, I have a love for the people that ... It literally hurts every time someone goes against the truth... I love these people and I know I’m a big part in their life...not necessarily me but me being here sharing this with them is changing their lives and mine.... I'm changing and I'm far from humble but I'm trying always to remember and be like my savior...
I love all of you.... your prayers keep me going... I love letters... I love emails.... if I don't write you back well it’s because I'm in a village and it’s not easy... internet is not like home and neither is the mail...   But thank you for all you guys do and watching over my family... Families are forever! Love you all and I'm praying for you!
Love your friend, 
Elder Hill

His address for letters is
Elder Jayson Hill
Ghana Kumasi Mission
P.O. Box KS 16333

Letters require an international stamp about a $1.44. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Path

Well it was a Great New Year over here on the other side of the world I must say!! I had a sweet birthday and I thank all of you who did service for me on that day! I really thought that was so sweet!! Service is so sweet because when you give, it will always come back!!
This week I woke up to my companion holding a (what tasted like birthday cake to me) Stack of French Toast with frosting and sprinkles and a candle. He surprised me by waking up early and singing to me! way nice but for my birthday we went to Kumasi for some instructions from the mission president and when to KFC afterward... Oh boy was it nice... been a while since I had some real food!  But it was really special Friday night our branch president (he owns a gold mine) took us to the nicest restaurant I have been to in Ghana... so expensive probably like 55 cedi’s a plate and I truly felt blessed. I had some real pizza that was pretty nice but I really felt thankful to be such a good friend to this guy that he would take us missionaries somewhere special for new year’s like that.  
For a New Year I was thinking really what I want out of this year as I wrote down some S.M.A.R.T goals. so important to make goals to have a plan for what you want out of this year. Because when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Your life does not get better by chance but by change. We need to leave those old ways in the past the things that weren't always the best and start fresh. Take the step now to change your ways .... Life is no remote get up and change it yourself. Don't fool yourself and think your life will change and be better this year without doing anything to help.... Get up and start making goals. For me time is flying. Really has gone fast and before I know it this year will be over. There is a lot I want to know and learn before I leave.  I most especially am trying to humble myself this year a lot because I am far from humble and pride is far from good.... One thing I can say is our lives are what we make it.... Each day is a new day and it is what we make it. If you want it to be a slow crappy day. then make it that. if you want every day to be centered around Christ and to be happy and all the good stuff that comes from having those days... then make it that... but always look at the positives. we too often look at the negatives first. and that can really affect us in the long run.... " Doubt your doubts, Don't doubt your faith... "

Lately our investigators know what we are teaching is true but have a hard time committing to the next step.... baptism... Others have a hard time with the Sabbath day being on Sunday. they still believe it is on Saturday but I have showed them all the scriptures possible and explained it. but it’s never enough.... As we taught one guy that was just going off on the churches all being the same. we all worship Christ and God.... As I listened to him try to teach us for 10 mins patiently... he stopped and I just asked him a few questions...This man is a big man in his church. The Pentecostal church ... I asked him this .... " If all the churches are the same, why do we all have so many types of baptisms when Christ was baptized just one way".... he just kind of pondered trying to think of something....  I asked another " I’ve they are all the same and If as you say the prophets and apostles had that authority ... what is the name of the authority, if that authority is not there then it’s not there...?" he came back saying he has the authority and I asked him what the name was.... he was quiet.... I then said if all the churches are the same come worship with us this Sunday and see if they really are the same.... " what people don’t get is we are teaching them straight out of the bible all these things before they even hear of the Book of Mormon that proves everything. This man is very stubborn and is a big man for his church but over time... he will see and I know he knows what he is doing is not of Jesus Christ church ....
As I sat in sacrament this Sunday I turned to D&C 27:2-5 and it talks about it why we partake of the sacrament and the important and this last Sunday I really remembered why we go to church and why there is even a church.... it is there to show us the way back to the father.... I taught primary with one other teacher and 40 kids... Wow. they really are not easy... if they act up the guy would take his middle knuckle and hit them on the top of the head to teach them to stop. Sad but that's how they do it.  and as I was sitting here and I went to the front of the class sitting behind the teacher holding to kids and they all went quiet... staring at me and listening. it was finally quiet... I pondered.... how...? How is it they are now quiet...... I thought deeper... why did Christ say to be as children and to come unto him. what do these kids have that we adults don’t...?? They truly are innocent... They don't know right from wrong but they do know after when they make a mistake... They always have that light. they show love. but I really wonder why? 
I had a sweet week and I hope you all did as well!! I love you all and I'm praying for you!! Thanks for the support and watching after my family for me!! I feel your prayers and I'm doing great!! keep moving forward!!