Monday, November 23, 2015


I can honestly say this week was one for the books! serious! wasn't easy but way worth every second. This week was nothing but service it felt like. I felt like it was time to start serving everyone that looked like needed help... which is a lot of people... We fetched water for hours one day for women, moved tile, washed clothes, dishes, carried things, pounded fufu, fixed a toy for kids at a school, Prepared corn and other foods, made bonku, Shoveled and wheelbarrow, and so much more...

One experience of service I loved most was when we were having a hard day contacting and no one would give us even 5 mins. We soon came across an Old man shoveling sediment like sand into a wheel barrow and taking it clear down the road. Mid-day. super-hot... old man. shoveling and they carrying like 80 pounds down a crappy dirt road...  I didn’t even ask if I could help I just walked over took the shovel and said let me help. the smile that came to his face was there for days. this old man was confused why a white man was helping... moving this big sand hill making many trips was not easy. and the tire on the wheel barrow was flat... so didn't help. After about 20 mins there was half the town gathered around and people just watching amazed why someone even a white man would help? after finishing we told him we would come back the next morning to help with his house next and as we were walking back to our apartment a distance away people stopped us and said." you have done well, you are the guys that moved the pile of sand?"  the word had spread that fast and so many people had seen our act of kindness... Just from one act of service I know it touched the hearts of many. Even the next day we went at 630 to help the guy but he wasn’t there... just nearby his house was a lady doing maze. dried corn and you take the cornels off the cob. not easy... after helping her for 2 hours my hands were done... shoveling the day before and then this. man my hands just had blisters and a blood blister right on my thumb. but service brings blessings and service with a smile and some pain and sacrifice brings miracles... I love service and was full of joy this week just taking these peoples small burdens in that moment. Just as Christ has done but he has done so much more and will take our burdens from us as we turn to him and ask for forgiveness of our iniquities. he will take those burdens away and we can feel that same joy and unconditional love.  

This whole week we have not had running water so every two-three days we have to go fetch water clear down the road.  I really have come to appreciate running water a lot more. Think twice when you are wasting running water because I have to walk like 500 yards to get water just to shower and buy water to drink hahah not easy but it’s a good experience a good lesson to learn. Luckily we have had power here and there but I can’t complain. it could always be worse. I'm blessed.  
I have truly come to love service even more. even though its tiring or hard it’s worth it in the end and I have come to see the joy it brings s people. People here are stubborn and don’t think white guys can work. well now they are starting to see. haha even people offered us money for helping and we turned it down and the look they gave us was priceless. They were confused but you could just see the light of Christ in their eyes. almost as if they were touched by the spirit! 
Contacting and training are teaching me so much and is difficult at times. it can be hard some days we just walk for hours in the heat and no one will accept us or our message. service is the one way to a person’s heart. it really shows humility and can change someone’s day and life more than you know. I'm enjoying mission and not only am I leaving my mark here in Ghana but it is truly changing me into the man I need to become! time is going but the lord is so aware of us. I have really felt so close to him this week more than I ever have. The church of Jesus Christ church is led by Jesus Christ himself and this is the only true church on the earth today. I know that without a doubt. Thank you for everyone who has made it possible for letting me be here. I love you all and I feel your prayers. thank you, they keep me going and the emails and letters I love so much ... make my day. Love you all and I am praying for each and every one of you .... everyday....
Have a sweet thanks giving!! enjoy for me ha-ha I will probably just go get some nice fried rice or a pizza I hope ha-ha but smile! life is good! keep praying and reading the scriptures and set aside the worldly things and focus on you and your family relationships and feeling that love in the home!!

Love your friend, son, brother,

Elder Hill

Hauling drinking water

Hiking to the water falls in Obuasi

Hiking to the water falls in Obuasi

Hanging with all the missionaries on P-DAY

Gorgeous View of Obuasi

Our awesome Kitchen!!!

Main room, dinning room in his apartment.

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