Monday, November 30, 2015

Disappointment and then Reward

Well this week flew by so fast. Rough week for my companion. He fell sick and literally couldn't move for like 2 days which was somehow not easy but you make with what you have and I can't use it as an excuse to slack around ha-ha. I used the time and read... I Read and read and read! Really learned so much and dug deep into the gospel. I came to understand so much more about the gospel. I don't think I have ever read so much like that before. But it was a blessing. I really felt the spirit and even was able to read Book of Mormon and New Testament and around 10 Laihona and Ensigns. I can honestly say the church is true. Book of Mormon is the word of God and we do have a living prophet who leads this church under the direction of Jesus Christ who is at the helm.  If you haven't read the Book of Mormon before... it’s not too late to start. Once you start you will begin to notice a difference and feeling happier in your life. If you have read it... Read, it again.  
Gordon B. Hinckley said something 4 years before he died when he walked out of the temple. " I am starting' to finally understand the reason and meaning behind why we do things the way we do in the church" now those aren't the exact words but it was close. He said he was STARTING... If he is just starting? Have we even begun??  The church is true without a doubt and the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It is the key stone of our religion and is the most correct book of any other book on the earth! One thing I always remember is all these people’s salvation relies in my hands.... Scary thought... so there's no time to waste I just have to keep working!! I love these people. 
This area is so hard... Members don't help at all like they are suppose too... so means just lots of work and contacting on the missionaries...  The people hear will usually let us teach them but they have a hard time progressing. Finally, this week I decided to start praying and even decided to fast for my area and things this Sunday.  Well for the last weeks we have been here not one investigator has been to church. This Sunday we had 8. sitting in sacrament only 1 investigator came and I was glad. because that morning we went to go pick a few up and all of them "weren't feeling well or weren't there"... lied to right to our face. I was just thankful I came.... 
After sacrament was finished I felt the need to go look out the window out front of the chapel. Standing in the sun by the front gate was a family we have been teaching. 7 kids all came to church and had been standing there for an hour and wasn't sure what to do.  Evince -14, Issac-12, Cillis -11 and there is 4 others. Joshua, Steven, Mami.  and a little 4 year old Maxwell ... The Lord truly answers prayers.. and I know he heard mine... Power of prayer is real and fasting can bring miracles and blessings.

There is a differences in just praying and fasting then praying and fasting with a purpose and with real intent”. After church we met with a member at his house and taught his brother who had been going to church for a month now and wants to be baptized but never met with missionaries. and then received 6 referrals from the same member right after. the referrals were just rolling in after church... this week we have close to 10 referrals we get to go meet and see. Referrals are a blessing because it’s from a member and 10 times more effective then contacting for hours...

This week was Thanksgiving... we went to a small shop and got American pizza ... kind of. It was pizza with tons of veggies but no cheese... I still enjoyed very much!!
Service this week was fetching water like the whole day for some older women who had to walk about 5 blocks or so to fetch it from a wale.. I have so much respect for them carrying it on their head. it’s not easy at all... more water was on me by the time I got to the house then there was in the bucket. ha-ha I can’t balance a bucket of water and walk....  But I guess this week was a blessing because I needed to let my hands heal. ha I have never had so many blisters from last week’s service. I love service and truly feel god’s love through it. I will do whatever it takes to take the burden from someone else. no matter the cost or pain. blister I look at it like a scratch on a phone... the phone still works and you don't mind the scratch! ha-ha

Life is good here and mission is going well!! training is teaching me a lot but one foot in front of the other and the days just keep flying by time is going and thank you for the prayers and support. I appreciate it. I’m praying for all of you each day!! I love all of you!!
I'm doing great!!
Elder Hill, your friend, your brother, your son, your grandson

 Pizza with everything you can imagine minus the Cheese

Hauling water is not easy on your head.

Blisters from Service!!! It was worth the pain....

Members of the Obuasi Branch

 MORE pictures of 
hiking to the waterfalls last week

Having a great P- DAY!!!


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