Monday, November 9, 2015

New Beginnings 11/9/15

Hey everyone
Well this week has been something else. The end of the transfer is here and I just hit 5 months! time is flying!  Even I got a call from Mission President on Friday saying he needs me to train... and I'm not staying in Kumasi. I'm getting moved to Village/bush in Boulais. I'm excited because I don't know a thing about the place and I'm training a fresh missionary! It’s exciting but somehow scary because I'm somehow still young on mission. President has a lot of faith putting me in a whole new area, that is white washed but it will be interesting! A new adventure, and time will be flying!
I have come to really see my purpose here even more. I feel the lord is using me as a planter. I plant the seeds of many and prepare them to be baptized... turns out I haven't been fortunate to see/be there for all the people I have prepared to be baptized. But have seen how they have progressed and I have brought many to the light and many more to come. This next Sunday we have 3 being baptized and I won’t get to see the joy from their faces coming out of the waters of heaven. But in the end its all worth it... and to me unlike some missionaries... it’s not about numbers to me... 
This last week we taught one lesson to an older gentleman and how I felt and saw the spirit testify to them!! Seriously amazes me just from my testimony how he never questioned the message we taught him but wanted to truly know after the lesson if what he "felt" was true.
I had the opportunity to meet some elderly women that were supposedly old as dirt seriously like 100 plus. And still going strong up walking and carrying things on their head. maybe it’s the fufu that makes them strong ha-ha.
I'm going to miss this area. I have really come to bond with them but am excited for a new area, new adventure, and new challenge... the lord is always with us and the gospel never will change. No matter what laws are made .... Christ is not divided and is and will always be one. He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever. What is right is right. and what is wrong will always be wrong. You can justify everything but the savior was direct and we see in the bible he taught in over 40 parables to the people but in the Book of Mormon he teaches in "plainness"! The Book of Mormon is the one book and only book that can bring you closest to your Heavenly Father. If you have already read it... read it again... Don't stop. The prophet is warring himself out in the gospel so often tell myself why can I? why can’t I ware myself out in the gospel!? I am thankful for the restoration of the gospel and for my family... the one thing people miss and don't see the most in life is love.... love from our Heavenly Father and family are always there because worldly things seem to always become distractions for us and lead us away from the main and most important things in life... Christ and our families. Keep praying and look to heavenly father in every thought!!

Love you all! I'm doing sweet and I’m hearkening unto to the work for I'm getting lost in his vineyard and only trying to do his will and follow his path... Blessings are coming. as long as you look to the lord First in all things! Always!!

Elder Hill your friend, son and missionary!

It does not just rain in Ghana it pours he was soaked!!!

Playing some RUGBY with Elder FUE

Made pancakes with the mix they found in Kumasi with homemade Huckleberry Syrup.

Making fufu!! its's not easy

He likes to help make it and he doesn't mind the taste!

Eating dehydrated ice cream on a hot day!!

 Riding in the Tro Tro (bus)

Elder Merrill, Elder Hill and Elder Peterson

Nothing better then a package from home!!

This is pictures of Helena's House

 Eating FUFU

Enjoying some KFC in Kumasi !!

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