Monday, November 16, 2015

Training Week - Tender Mercies

Hello Everyone, 
This week was definitely an adventure. Was a big learning experience for me, I got my new companion Elder Powell. Cool guy! Training is not easy but teaching me a lot. Like how to be a missionary and have that exact obedience. Opening up a new area while training is not easy. Contacting 24/7 and members aren't very active so somehow hard to get member presents and referrals. But its ok the lord works in mysterious ways. 

This Week I have been laughed at more for no reason ha probably just being white and can't speak fluent Twi ha-ha not easy but it doesn't bother me. It's not a big deal, I was always taught, if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all so I just turn smile and wave. All I can do and I just do all I can. 
Well the power was off two days ago and that was not the best night of sleep. Nicer apartment then the last one ha I can at least have space ha. But this town is sweet. surrounded by mountains and its beautiful. The people for the most part are very willing to listen. So we teach and teach like crazy.... In 3 days we had 17 new investigators...  the area is progressing small small but we will see what happens when we have a full week to work! My mission is sweet. Even this chapel has AC units and its way nice. Serious! I just enjoy!  During church I seem to just read and try to stay awake it feels so good. Plus, I can't understand a thing what anyone is saying in Twi most of the time. but I can always feel the spirit why I'm there. Church is the same everywhere you go. just a different setting and people is all. 

 I had the opportunity to meet this deaf guy who is endowed and been going to church since 2005 he can’t hear a thing or read lips but goes to church so he too can have salvation. There is no one at church to translate for him but he goes too so he can be an example to his kids, he has five children. He doesn't have a job but still manages to pay for his kids schooling that is 35 cedi’s a day which is like 15 dollars a day. We had the opportunity to meet this guy at his house because my companion can sign and I know small so he wants to teach his deaf friends and wants us there. He had many questions so I literally wrote 4 pages so he could understand for when we couldn't sign back. Not easy but the guy can read and used to be a member of church of Christ but he read James 1:5 and took the challenge and read the Book of Mormon and ever since has known the truth.

Oh how my testimony has grown this week having to get out of my box even more and just talk to EVERYONE it’s been a good experience and even this deaf guy "Yaw Johnson" has truly showed me there is no such thing as an excuse.... He has no idea what is going on at church but still comes because he loves the lord that much. How that touches my heart very much... I even had the opportunity to see the power of the priesthood work this week while giving a young lady a blessing of comfort, not knowing what to say before, as I started giving the blessing I truly felt the words come to my mind and mouth.... I never knew any of those things that she needed but she felt it and I felt it... That whole day I just felt peace. the power of the priesthood is real and the church is true, it is the only church on the earth who has the authority and foundation of Christs church. 
I love all of you and grateful for your prayers! I am blessed with many FM's this coming week and life here is sweet. small small but the reward will be great! time is truly flying and I'm growing more than I ever imagined. I'm doing so good and enjoying mission and the changes it has to offer in my life. The blessings are coming. look for the Lord in all things. He is aware of you and your needs and know that I pray for all of you each day!


The kids in Obuasi love the ELDERS

Elder Hill and Elder Powell

Brother Johnson he is deaf but a great man!

Obuasi, Ghana new area great opportunities  ahead

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