Monday, January 11, 2016

Hard work= Success

What a week! This week was nothing but hard work and blessings.... I'm not even sure where to begin...
Well beginning of the week we went on splits with the other elders and me and Elder Annan (African) laid it down for a pastor in the Church of Pentecost...... He believes that ever church that teaches of God and Jesus Christ church is Jesus Christ church... We showed him everything to the point he didn't know what to say .... So only time will tell... One thing I've learned is were not here to confound people or to prove to them anything... but only to show them... To testify of what they Knew to be true whether it’s in this life or the life before this one... So for me I can show these people scriptures and prove them wrong sure. out of their own bible but it won’t fix anything... We must testify as we teach and teach as we testify.... Our testimony is what makes us so unique....

The other day we were walking back from a far area at a member’s house and I felt we needed to take a different path then normal. A path we hadn't been on before but as we walked through an area that we were somehow un familiar with.... People would call us over and want to know more or ask questions.... Even one man in front of us walking hear me and my companion talking about god and stopped us...  He said " God is a spirit? No man has ever seen God?".... I said " I don't believe that to be true and started naming people that have seen god face to face"... he was astonished.... if man has seen God is it a spirit? there is so much to prove we have a god that has a body of flesh of bone... He is Methodist... but just things like this... In 30 mins we had contacted 6 people.... now ready to learn.  I feel everything does happen for a reason and we were in the right place at the right time!! god does provide and is watching over us. I didn't know why I needed to go down that pathway but I do know when we take that step of faith he always provides... we can’t always see the end of the road but he [Heavenly Father] can. 
Even this Sunday we had 12 people come to church.... now normally and for other missionaries it’s hard to even get 2 or 3 there.... but after taking some advice from a wise family member.... We always show the investigator and the people that we are Excited for them to come... Ever since I have showed that I'm excited for them to come and really do want them there. without faith every time we have had 5+ for the past month come. This area started from nothing.... now this area is progressing and success is showing. We plan to have 6 more new members by the end of this month. I have no one else to thank for that but my heavenly father. 
As we look to him... he is there and will always provide... When we do what he says we are blessed but when we don't do what he says. we have no promise. Was such a cool week....

Last experience. as we got in the Tro (the bus) from finally finishing our last lesson of the day and heading to a meeting at the church ... And this day we had a small lunch we were so busy... a man came running across the street... and got in the Trod just to talk to us. He said " hey I'm a Mormon".... this guy looked like some huge professional athlete... and he said "I'm from States Illinois... “I doubted him because I hear that same line from everyone... Everyone always tells me they are a latter day saint... and just make fun of them... And at first I didn't believe this guy’s so I asked him... who is the name of the prophet. instead of telling me first he showed me his phone and he had the LDS apps and he said Monson...... Way cool guy... just visiting.... But instead of just having faith and trusting.... I doubted. I felt bad... and repented. but I need to trust people and give them a chance... but once they break the trust that’s when we should question them...
No doubt it can be hard here ... Africa living is far from easy...  I get tired of being lied to straight to my face... laughed at.... rejected and so on... It’s hard. mission is so dang hard it’s not even funny but it is so dang rewarding. especially this week.... yeah its super hard and you have to sacrifice but there is always something good in the end. I really do love these people. even to see a few people we have been teaching and know it’s true but go against it.... it hurts... like literally hurts.... It’s true, I have a love for the people that ... It literally hurts every time someone goes against the truth... I love these people and I know I’m a big part in their life...not necessarily me but me being here sharing this with them is changing their lives and mine.... I'm changing and I'm far from humble but I'm trying always to remember and be like my savior...
I love all of you.... your prayers keep me going... I love letters... I love emails.... if I don't write you back well it’s because I'm in a village and it’s not easy... internet is not like home and neither is the mail...   But thank you for all you guys do and watching over my family... Families are forever! Love you all and I'm praying for you!
Love your friend, 
Elder Hill

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Elder Jayson Hill
Ghana Kumasi Mission
P.O. Box KS 16333

Letters require an international stamp about a $1.44. 

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