Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Path

Well it was a Great New Year over here on the other side of the world I must say!! I had a sweet birthday and I thank all of you who did service for me on that day! I really thought that was so sweet!! Service is so sweet because when you give, it will always come back!!
This week I woke up to my companion holding a (what tasted like birthday cake to me) Stack of French Toast with frosting and sprinkles and a candle. He surprised me by waking up early and singing to me! way nice but for my birthday we went to Kumasi for some instructions from the mission president and when to KFC afterward... Oh boy was it nice... been a while since I had some real food!  But it was really special Friday night our branch president (he owns a gold mine) took us to the nicest restaurant I have been to in Ghana... so expensive probably like 55 cedi’s a plate and I truly felt blessed. I had some real pizza that was pretty nice but I really felt thankful to be such a good friend to this guy that he would take us missionaries somewhere special for new year’s like that.  
For a New Year I was thinking really what I want out of this year as I wrote down some S.M.A.R.T goals. so important to make goals to have a plan for what you want out of this year. Because when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Your life does not get better by chance but by change. We need to leave those old ways in the past the things that weren't always the best and start fresh. Take the step now to change your ways .... Life is no remote get up and change it yourself. Don't fool yourself and think your life will change and be better this year without doing anything to help.... Get up and start making goals. For me time is flying. Really has gone fast and before I know it this year will be over. There is a lot I want to know and learn before I leave.  I most especially am trying to humble myself this year a lot because I am far from humble and pride is far from good.... One thing I can say is our lives are what we make it.... Each day is a new day and it is what we make it. If you want it to be a slow crappy day. then make it that. if you want every day to be centered around Christ and to be happy and all the good stuff that comes from having those days... then make it that... but always look at the positives. we too often look at the negatives first. and that can really affect us in the long run.... " Doubt your doubts, Don't doubt your faith... "

Lately our investigators know what we are teaching is true but have a hard time committing to the next step.... baptism... Others have a hard time with the Sabbath day being on Sunday. they still believe it is on Saturday but I have showed them all the scriptures possible and explained it. but it’s never enough.... As we taught one guy that was just going off on the churches all being the same. we all worship Christ and God.... As I listened to him try to teach us for 10 mins patiently... he stopped and I just asked him a few questions...This man is a big man in his church. The Pentecostal church ... I asked him this .... " If all the churches are the same, why do we all have so many types of baptisms when Christ was baptized just one way".... he just kind of pondered trying to think of something....  I asked another " I’ve they are all the same and If as you say the prophets and apostles had that authority ... what is the name of the authority, if that authority is not there then it’s not there...?" he came back saying he has the authority and I asked him what the name was.... he was quiet.... I then said if all the churches are the same come worship with us this Sunday and see if they really are the same.... " what people don’t get is we are teaching them straight out of the bible all these things before they even hear of the Book of Mormon that proves everything. This man is very stubborn and is a big man for his church but over time... he will see and I know he knows what he is doing is not of Jesus Christ church ....
As I sat in sacrament this Sunday I turned to D&C 27:2-5 and it talks about it why we partake of the sacrament and the important and this last Sunday I really remembered why we go to church and why there is even a church.... it is there to show us the way back to the father.... I taught primary with one other teacher and 40 kids... Wow. they really are not easy... if they act up the guy would take his middle knuckle and hit them on the top of the head to teach them to stop. Sad but that's how they do it.  and as I was sitting here and I went to the front of the class sitting behind the teacher holding to kids and they all went quiet... staring at me and listening. it was finally quiet... I pondered.... how...? How is it they are now quiet...... I thought deeper... why did Christ say to be as children and to come unto him. what do these kids have that we adults don’t...?? They truly are innocent... They don't know right from wrong but they do know after when they make a mistake... They always have that light. they show love. but I really wonder why? 
I had a sweet week and I hope you all did as well!! I love you all and I'm praying for you!! Thanks for the support and watching after my family for me!! I feel your prayers and I'm doing great!! keep moving forward!!


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