Monday, January 25, 2016

Nothing worth working for is easy!

Well this week went fast but was not easy... I'm tired... Mission.... you will be tired for 2 years and I continue to find strength only when I look to the lord and lose myself in the work... Lately we have been working hard just trying to give it my all.... This Saturday we went on exchanges, switching companions. The day was somehow difficult with a stubborn African but funny guy, doesn't like to walk so I figured since he came to my area it be a perfect time to contact. ha-ha but I saw the hand of the lord really take lead in the work/day.... 
In the evening before sun went down we were heading to go see a Recent convert, Gabriel who was just baptized. I had this feeling to take the long way to his house... Finally, after walking for some time we came to the main road... And just nearby there was a shop and the impression came I should buy drinks for Elder Nauru and the member that was with us and just take a small break. We took a seat at her shop when a man came up to us and wanted to hear what we had to share.... Sharing the message half way through the lady made us move and get off the bench.... we taught most the lesson standing and this guy was so interested.... He understood well and after the lesson it was just silent.... He spoke and said " Just 2 days ago I prayed for god to show me the truth and I have now found it".... spirit was so strong and he had just left his bible studies church and he knows his stuff and he understood so clearly he couldn't deny the truth.... 
Sunday church started and I didn't see him.... I was giving a closing talk and while talking he walked in.... This talk was the first talk I feel these people actually understood my English... They were quiet and the talk I gave was nothing I had prepared. I planned to teach on missionary work and it turned into teaching how to be converted to the gospel... After some told me I looked like an apostle up there. Was a cool feeling to see the spirit guide and bring words to my mind. He testified to me while testifying to them all...  After church I received a text from David and he said "thank you Hill for helping my find the truth".... this man is powerful!
The lord works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason! 
I'm so excited for this Wednesday! We have an investigator "Lex" who is making us some powerful fugue with his favorite meat, Bush meat... Porcupine.... Grass cutter (giant rate) .... antelope.... Who knows but I'm excited to try something new.... Never could eat anything like this before but I've learned if it can go in your mouth you can eat it. ha-ha Sounds gross but it is what it is... Trust me it’s somehow nice to know you get something different when you eat rice, bonk, indamine, fufu... it gets old... so something new will be an adventure all on its own!! 
Every day without fail we get lied too.... It’s so hard to trust anyone and I have been working so hard to always just give people a chance.... But it’s so hard when you knock on the door and they so who is it... and every time we tell them...... 99% of the time they will say " oniho".... means no one’s home.... It’s hard and very easy to get discouraged in seconds... Whenever we try to buy anything.... The price is always raised because were white. Mission has really taught me how to hold my ground but I continue to try to be like my savior and show that charity for everyone.  I love these people. 
Not much exciting this week... Just working hard.... You can’t start a new chapter of your life if you just keep re-reading the last one-.  I want to leave my old ways here.... I still continue to see how prideful I am and who I was but the man I have already become and the person I’m starting be.... I love this gospel this is Jesus Christ church without a doubt.... I have seen and felt it and I am a witness that this thing is true and you can’t deny what you know to be right!!
Thank you for the support if you ever have any questions just shoot me an email... thank you for the support and prayers they keep me going!! love you all and I'm doing great and growing in so many ways I wouldn't be able to without the lord. 

 Be thankful for what you have! Life is good so smile and keep moving forward!! love you all!!

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