Monday, December 7, 2015

Another week in Ghana

Hey everyone,
Well I can honestly say 6 months flew a time is going fast! I'm learning so much each day. Lately I come to really see the power of prayer like Any time I’m in need of a ride somewhere ether a tro(bus) or any car every time without fail I have always had a ride instantly. now I know prayer doesn't work that fast always but lately it has. I have seen it and truly come to see the progress in this area progress. This week we taught a lesson to two men Kofi and Emanuel which were referrals and they are really progressing but after the lesson was over there was 6 other people gathered around sitting that brought up chairs to just listen. 
This week we had MANY interesting deep doctrine questions asked to us by investigators and every time. I would turn and look at my companion Elder Powell (he’s in training) and see if he wanted to answer and give me a sec to see what comes to my head... EVERY-TIME without fail the moment I started talking the words came. Without a doubt the spirit played a big role in this week’s investigators and lessons and everything. No way I knew the answers to these before.... But I always had a scripture to back it up and a reason. One question was. What name was Jesus Christ baptized in....? ha-ha well there Isn’t much scripture for that one but I said it what came to my mind. Like for that question I said this since you probably aren’t sure ether... He was baptized as an example to fulfill all righteousness and as an example to us. Through him can we return to the father only through him. He is the truth, the way and the light. (john 14:6) that’s just a small piece and went deeper into it. But after one lesson we taught a well-educated man that asked us deep questions and every time I would look at my companion. Well I ended up answering them to the point he was speech less. and after this lesson we were walking and my companion looked at me and said. Wow training is not easy. How did you know all that...? ha-ha well training is not easy but I told him.... that wasn't me... that was the spirit that you just testified.
 I give it all to the lord .... The spirit is the true teacher and is so aware of us... I will say this again and again.... The Book or Mormon is the word of God and another Testament of God without a doubt. I asked my companion if you had 1 billion dollars on one side and in cash and on the other was the Book of Mormon and all you had to do was say the Book or Mormon isn't true and the money is yours. What would you do? 
Without a doubt I will never doubt the Book or Mormon... I know it is true and that is the most abominable sin we cannot be forgiven of...  says it in Mathew somewhere! forgot at the moment but the church is true and it is true because the Book or Mormon... and so much more... talks about it even in the bible. People just don't read ha-ha ... that's what movies are for right ha-ha.
This week was sweet.... went to another funeral and one of the weirdest things. you just sit there and listen to loud crappy music that will give you a head ache in seconds very strange but its culture so it’s cool ha-ha their funerals last 3 days long. not easy at all hah ... but I hope this next week we get to do some more service! the hands are healed and ready to roll!! Life is good here in Ghana. doesn't feel like Christmas cause its dry season and same ol same ol.

Be thankful for ALL that you have... I haven't had running water for a month now! until today! came on for now but we will see how long it lasts this time... Fetching water is not easy and even Our fan has been broken in our cement box room not easy to have no fan at night in Ghana. too hot ha but you just learn to accept it! like it is what it is!!  when life doesn't go the way you think it should or want it to you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and just keep moving forward. Time is flying!!

Love you all so much and thank you for your prayers!! they keep me going!  love all of you and pray for you all! Enjoy the winter Holiday! and don't forget why we truly celebrate Christmas!!

Love Elder Hill

Eating some FUFU

Elder Hill and Elder Annan

Nice to see he has put the bath towel to good use as a skirt!!

Obuasi walking to an appointment

Enjoying some rice and BBQ sauce....

 Playing some Soccer on P-Day

Packages from Home!

Getting the Ensign was honestly the best gift you could send he told us.

 Riding in the Tro Tro ( No Leg Room)

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