Monday, December 21, 2015

afishyia pa-"Merry Christmas" in Twi

Well Tis the season to truly be "swallowed up in joy"(Alma31:5) We need to truly look for the savior during the holidays right now and remember the whole reason of Christmas... Its Christmas, not "X-mas”. X-Mas is for the people who take Christ out of Christmas. This last week has really touched my heart and helped me to truly see what we need to find not only this time of the year but throughout our life.... and that is love.
The other day We were with a member proselyting and went and saw a man named Bismarck. This man called us over one day because he has the desire to change but needs help finding the path. He has been taught everything but needs a hand. This man has done everything possible that is against the commandments.... He does fraud/scam, Smokes, Drinks, Porn, Chastity.... He has done it. I get a sick feeling around him but the moment I start teaching I know It is our job to help him and though in others eyes they would see this man as a wicked person but I have come to see him as a child of god.... As we sat down to teach him... I wasn't sure what to even share or say with him.... Where do you start? So much to fix .... As I sat there in silence just waiting for someone to talk and for something to come to mind... nothing was coming... the moment I opened the scriptures... it turned to one about love... I don’t remember the exact quotation... it was in the Book or Mormon... But I think it was in Mosiah? 4 possibly? but as I saw this scripture the words and thoughts just started flowing. This man needed to know for himself that his father in heaven loves him!! He needed to find that out for himself instead of just think he knows or take our word for it... It was a spiritual lesson but hit me with it being the season to be jolly.... We need to see and know with a surety that our father in heaven loves us.... He gave his only begotten son for us. -John 3:16.... He came and died for you... for me... for all of us... because he loves us.... but instead of take my word for it. look to find his love in your life.... SO many ways to do that but right now I think is the best time to do service.... When were in the service of our fellow men were in the service of our god" .... we are all brothers and sisters, children of our heavenly father... we are all human and all of us has our own challenges and struggles... it’s not for us to judge someone by their appearance, past, Or present.... 

Everyone has a mission on this earth and your and everyone’s should be to truly be swallowed up in joy... when we truly feel his love and see he does love you!! you will understand that phrase in Alma!! 

Merry Christmas to all! Be thankful for whatever lies under the tree because the most important gift of all isn't what you can see but what you feel.

Mission is great and I’m excited to spend the holidays in Ghana hot weather but its sweet! me and my companion are going to enjoy and thank you for everything each and every one of you have done for me!!!!
Love Elder Hill

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