Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year New Beginnings

Well it was a Merry Christmas! That day was full of service and began at 6 AM until like 10 then made a sweet American breakfast! Breakfast Burritos!! Big breakfast and enjoyed! I really enjoyed talking to my family.... They say family first always and I'm a firm believer on that. I love my family and If I were you. I would tell my family "I love them" every day, more than once... Were with them for eternity thanks to our loving savior making it possible to be sealed to Our families for time and all eternity. Live in such a way people will say " The Hill's (or whatever your last name may be) must be a powerful family."  You need to always be examples to all and a light and take pride in the name you wear. 
This week has been good. Missing home isn't easy but it’s the moment you get lost in the work and choose to make that choice that you can feel all will be ok. Our Heavenly Father has promised us so many blessings If we just follow him. The highest law in heaven is "Obedience", we can learn about this in D&C 130. It is so important to always follow the savior and never check our religion at the door! I can say I am proud to be a latter day saint and know where I'm going. I may be a missionary but being out here I have come to see how everyone is a missionary. I see It every day. Everyone here for the most part knows their savior and heavenly father but isn't 100% sure what way is the right way or what to believe... By my apartment I've been able to count over 50 manmade churches and "prophets"... To confusing and we know that the lord is not the "author of confusion". 

Thanks to our Heavenly Father for restoring his church back onto this earth today so we can know how to return back to him. This is the only church that holds his authority and his foundation. I can prove it to anyone who I come across... But as a missionary and Latter Day Saint I have come to see through experiences of my own and others that it’s not for us to "prove" to people that this is the only way...  It is up to us to "show" them... 1 Timothy 4:12 - it shows us how we need to Show them. Not one person in this church is perfect. Were all imperfect trying to become to perfection. I have heard this church is like a hospital it’s for the sick and we come to be healed. Only way to do that is through Christ... that's his way, there is no other way but through him... his way...  
"Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes Permanent" .... We will never be perfect to all that our savior has asked but we can come to the point where following him can become permanent.... We will know what to choose when it comes to hard situations of right and wrong when we are truly "practicing" following our savior... Read the scriptures, church, pray, serve, and so much more. All we can do is try. We are all saints but many others don't know where to find the way.... Well it’s time to hasten the lords work even more and for us to reach our full potential and receive all that your lord has to offer you!! 
As we come into a New Year set some goals that may force you to stretch yourself but as you do so I know that you can grow in such a way that may let your father touch your heart and help you to have a "change of heart”. As we go into a new year set goals... For myself I have set some goals that push me every day... maybe I will share a few with you.... 
-100 Pushups and 100 pull ups everyday but Sunday.
-Ponderize\memorize a different verse of scripture every week. 
-read Every morning and night.
-Write with my left hand once a night doing the alphabet 2 

I have many more but a few I felt like I could share. These aren't the easiest goals and they may not be for you but my path is different than yours. But set some goals that may help you to grow. Anything is possible and as we go into 2016 don't forget to smile!! 
Thank you all for everything, I felt like bearing my testimony small in this letter on what I know is true. And what I have come to learn being on mission. I can promise and testify as you follow your Savior he will bring you into his fold! I love all of you!! I Love my family, my friends! Thank you for all your prayers and emails and so much more making it possible for me to be here!!
Time is flying! Smile!!

Elder Jayson Hill

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