Monday, December 14, 2015

This week went by so fast. 6 months down and now I have a sister’s mission left.  I love mission it truly is so rewarding in so many ways.  This week we had district conference, just before we went to the chapel we left early to go pic up two investigators/young men their names are "Goodwill and Evans." powerful guys they are progressing and well, we walked all the way to their house topic them up and well nothing. They weren't ready like they said they would and even said they will come and meet us there. Never came. Mission life for you right there... disappointment. but Showing up to the chapel there was 2 other investigators that walked 30 mins just to have a seat. Definitely rewarding. I would say this week was a blessing...... We now have running water for good and We were blessed enough to get some fans that work now! Finally, can sleep good when the power is on any way ha-ha. 
so we hope the next two weeks we should have 3-4 or more baptisms planning for. But I hope these guys will pull through and take it seriously. We have been having much greater success lately. 
We have had many interesting questions lately from all our investigators and people we meet. Not easy questions. But being on mission I feel comfortable with just about any question you give me. Every time I am usually not sure. As I listen to the Investigator and hear their question I have no idea sometimes what to say. The moment I begin talking every time, the words are there and the spirit is always there without fail. some of the questions we have been asked:
1. Isn't god a spirit? (very common)
2. It doesn't say anything about Joseph Smith or restoration in the bible? --It also never once says Jesus Christ name once in the old testament.... ha 
3. Why did he/Christ bring back his church?
4. Why do you worship on Sunday if the Sabbath is on the 7th day?
5. How do you know if they (the one who baptizes you) has the authority?
6. In what name was Jesus baptized?
7. Did Nephi have the authority to baptize and if so who gave it to him?
8. Who baptized john the Baptist?
You should be able to answer these if not its ok... I couldn't answer all of them before I came on mission. If you want the answer to these? They are all in the bible... Sadly people here don't read their own bible and instead test us. Even one girl was asking questions that don't have an answer like making it impossible to answer.... I gave her Titus 3:9 she just kind of looked at me and was confused and then laughed.

All things are possible because of the spirit!! without it I would not be able to answer these questions and many others every day. Even found out 2 investigators that we found in my last area have been baptized... So I feel my labors are paying off!
Today we were told to come back to this guy’s house and he wanted to hear our message. so we walked all the way there and as he saw us he quickly laid on the floor thinking we didn't see him. As we got to his shop he acted like he just woke up and I even heard him say in Twi " here they come again" he didn't know I can hear Twi and acted like he just woke up. ... I asked him why did you just lay down and say that? He just stared at us with no answer and wasn't sure what to say. We just left him there to think about what he did. People take our message for granted and sometimes will just tell us to go away.... I know without a doubt this is the lords work. I have come across scripture while looking for an answer to a question that I didn't even know existed. The lords work will never be stopped and will always succeed. (2 Nephi 26:23)

Love you all and thank you for all you do. As it gets closer to the Christmas season I hope you are all thinking about what our gift is to our savior? Don't forget the true love of Christ is the gift of giving. Seek to give and it will always come back. I saw a quote on a box today. "giver never lacks" love you and thank you all. I am praying for you wish I can do more when you have done so much for me! keep moving forward and know I love you all! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Love Elder Hill

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