Monday, December 21, 2015

Giving at Christmas

Dear Family,

I wanted to share something Jayson shared with me as many of you know after Jayson left myself and another mom started an organizations called Ghana Pay It Forward. We send clothes for missionaries and suitcases we have sent over 13,550 eye glasses to help give the gift of sight and we did Christmas in Ghana and sent over 850 hygiene kits with a tie and a few goodies to every missionary in all 4 missions we ended up sending 350 more kits to the MTC to help with future needs there. It was so much fun to be able to share a bit of joy we have seen many miracles from this. Today Jayson shared this with me and I wanted to share it with you all about what it was like on the other end.

"Mom so many times we do not get to see how our service affects others…. I saw it this week at Zone Conference as I sat and watched Ghanaians go up and get the gift they were so happy!!
It almost put me to tears ... The missionaries they were so so so happy for the gifts you sent!! like they just got a hundred dollars happy!! It was a cool experience especially when not a lot of them knew it was my mom who did it! 2 of those Ghanaians in our zone took suitcases because they have been carrying their clothes and stuff in plastic garbage bags on their mission the other 6 suitcases were given to other Ghanaians in the same situation you made their day!! Without a doubt they were happy!!   
So many told me to thank you!! for the gifts!! seriously I had many call me personally saying how it was so nice of your mom to do that so thank you!!"

Merry Christmas
Love April

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